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Get your Google eBooks here!

St. Johns Booksellers is proud to offer Google eBooks:
  • Hundreds of thousands of titles available from both large and small publishers
  • E-pub format which is compatible with smartphones, laptops and most e-reading devices (except the Kindle)
  • Library lives in the “cloud” so you can access your books on any device from anywhere, regardless of where the e-book was purchased.
  • Competitive prices! Indie bookstore customers no longer have to choose between reading digital and supporting their local bookstore. Now you can do both!

How do I find and purchase Google eBooks from St. Johns Booksellers?

IPad, Iphone, Itouch, Droid + Laptops

  1. Go to www.stjohnsbooks.com. Find titles through the site search. Select the eBooks tab on the search results page to limit results by Google e-book format.
  2. Add Google eBooks to your cart.
  3. Access a Google Account – most commonly a Google email address – or create one. This step only needs to be done once to sync your Google Library with your St. Johns Booksellers account for future purchases.
  4. Agree to the Google Terms of Service.
  5. Purchase the book by entering billing information.
  6. Download the free Google Books app on your device. Access your library through the Google Books app for enhanced reading (or log into your St. Johns Booksellers account (or create one) to read in web-view from your “My eBooks” tab on your “My Account” page.)
  7. Happy reading!  

Please note: to continue to purchase Google eBooks from St. Johns Booksellers, you must buy them through your web browser on www.stjohnsbooks.com. If you click on the “get Books” tab on your Google Books app, you will be redirected to the Google site and St. Johns Booksellers will no longer be compensated for future purchases.