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Membership - a gift that lasts all year

Become a member of our Readers' Circle!  With your one-year membership, you'll receive a free book of your choice each month, discounts on all purchases, and invitations to special members-only sales.  It's a wonderful thing to do for your own book-loving soul...or a gift for all seasons.

An adult Membership represents a savings of 35% off a year of books--$140 for up to $216 in books of your choice.

Members build a bookstore's community in special ways.  More than ever, it makes us YOUR bookstore.  You commit to getting at least one book from us each month--which means we see you often, and get to know you.  When we have members' events, you'll meet other book lovers who also support your bookstore, and mostly live nearby.  It's a great way to find common ground with your neighbors, and build friendships around your shared love of books.  

If you have a special child in your life, consider a Young Readers' membership.  A child up to age 12 receives a free new paperback or board book each month, plus discounts on other selections.  Your child will also benefit from forming connections within the community, knowing neighbours and being known to them.

We look forward to welcoming you!





Young Reader members receive a year of:

  • one FREE new paperback or board book, or any used children's book, each month
  • 20% off all other purchases of regularly priced new and used books and merchandise
  • additional discounts during Children's Book Week

Members may choose their own book, or we will offer a special featured selection.  Young Readers' selections must be children's books.  You're encouraged to special order if we don't have the book you'd like.  Member discounts are not good with other offers or discounts, but if we're doing a special deal that's better, we'll let you do that.  Member discounts are not good with store credit. You may select your start month for a membership (i.e., a holiday or birthday gift).  Memberships are good for 12 months from the selected start month.  Memberships are nonrefundable once you have used a benefit.


As a member of our group of booklovers, you'll receive one year of

  • one FREE paperback each month (up to $18 value)
  • 20% off all other purchases of regularly-priced new and used books and merchandise
  • invitations to members-only 50%-off sales and other special events

You may choose your book each month, or we'll offer you a special featured selection.  Discounts apply to special orders as well.  We're a small place and we want to get you the book you want to read!  Member discounts may not be combined with other offers or discounts--but any time we offer a better deal, we promise to let you have that. Member discounts are not good with store credit.  You may specify the start month of a membership (i.e., a birthday or holiday gift). Memberships are good for one calendar year from the start month.  Memberships are nonrefundable once you have used a benefit.


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