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Used Books

Ordering used books

We have thousands of used books on hand, with books coming and going every day.  However, we're sorry to say that our online database lists only new books available for order.  With our small staff and constantly changing inventory, we just can't maintain a complete, current listing of our used books.  To see featured used books, please visit our Alibris page.  We gladly answer e-mail queries about our used stock--and of course, we would love to see you any time you'd care to visit!  

Read it? Trade it!  Our used book trade policy 

What we're looking for: Any book we think we can sell!  We make our decisions based on the condition of the book, our store sales history, and Nena's 14 years of bookselling experience.  All our decisions are final.  We do keep a list of things we're especially eager to see.  However, it's easier to tell you... 

What we don't buy:  

  • Damaged books--water, mildew, torn or missing pages or covers, heavy highlighting, spine damage
  • Ex-library books not clearly marked as lawfully removed from the library system
  • Promotional items/advance readers’ copies
  • Readers’ Digest condensed books
  • Most hardcover genre fiction (mystery, romance, science- fiction, etc..)
  • Old encyclopedias or family Bibles
  • Most textbooks
  • Books with out-of-date information (travel, current events, technical, etc)

That said, we are often surprised by the diversity of books that sell here.  So we urge you to take a common-sense approach.  If you wouldn't buy it, our customers probably won't either.  But if you would buy it, there's a chance someone else will too--so bring it on by and we'll take a look!   

How We Buy: We will sort through your books to choose those we think we can sell. You can bring us books whenever we are open. If a used book buyer is not available, we will have you fill out a slip and the used book buyer will look through them as soon as possible and call you to let you know how much credit we can give you for them.  You may also call ahead for an appointment if you have more than 3 grocery bags of books.  We will hold the books that we do not want for 48 hours from the date we call you. If you do not come to get these books they will be donated to charity.     

How We Pay: We pay about 1/3 of what we expect to price a book.  EXAMPLE: For a typical, clean mass-market paperback, priced at $2.95-4.50, we will offer $1-1.50.  We will always offer you in-store credit for saleable books.  You may use this credit in any way, at any time, without restriction.

We offer cash when we have it available (rarely), for books that we feel are of exceptional value to our inventory.  Our cash offer will be 20% less than our credit offer.